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[It was competition time, which meant a lot of extra practice for Maron and the rhythmic gymnastics team in her school. Extra hours of practice meant a perfected routine to perform in the upcoming tournament. It also meant a lot of stress for Maron, especially since she had sprained her ankle as Jeanne not long before. But still, she was dancing, jumping, twirling, and balancing as if nothing was wrong in practice.

In fact, that's what she was doing, when she found herself in Luceti: jumping, leaping, twirling, stop. But one of her jumps across the mat wound her in a different world entirely. Maron began the jump at one end of the mat, ribbon in hand, dancing on the air as she began...

And it would end in Luceti, with her still jumping. Into people. Were you one of them, up on cherry blossom hill that she jumped into by accident?]

[later on, after getting settled into the welcome center and reading through the guide, Maron fiddles with her journal, and then speaks to the citizens:]

So we're stuck here indefinitely because of some crazy scientists called the Malnosso, no ways out?
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[Whoa, whoa, whoa! Incoming! Ginji does his best to get out of the way so as to avoid a head-on collision with this girl, but then he thinks that maybe he should be trying to catch her instead. Out goes his arm. Will he manage to get a hold of her and keep her steady? Will he fall over himself? Stay tuned.]

Ahh-- look out!
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[Ginji fights back a wince - that's some loud screaming.]

[Through their combined efforts, Ginji's managed to get a hold on her. But being awkward, as soon as he's pretty sure she's resting her weight on her own two feet again, he's more than willing to let go.]

Sorry about that... I didn't see you coming until it was too late. Are you okay?
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It's okay. [He smiles briefly.] But I'm guessing that you must have just arrived here.

[Ginji fingers his chin, wondering how best to put this without scaring her or making it sound as if he made everything up on the spot. He sighs, at a loss, making a palm up gesture with his hand.]

This'll sound incredible, if not flat out impossible, but right now you're in Luceti. It's the name of the village where everyone lives. None of us are where we're supposed to be right now.
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[Well, yeah. Fuzzy-trimmed pilot jackets and muted gray hair might be a little different. Not to mention Luceti Wings (TM) which - unlike angel wings - don't work.]


No, I guess not, and that's the best attitude you can take about it, really. You probably saw this coming, but what I've said is only the beginning. There are people responsible for bringing us here called the Malnosso. You don't see a lot of them, but they're still a dangerous bunch.
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No, not exactly, but that's part of it. And you'll want to do your best to take care of those wings, since they're now a vital part of your system. Those who've injured them somehow have gotten really sick until the wings were able to heal.

I guess the easiest way to put it is that the Malnosso are interested in research and experimentation. Every so often something out of the ordinary will happen in the village or some of us will get taken away to undergo experiments. Some people get sent on drafts instead.

As for the Malnosso Organization, they claim to have plans to send us back to our worlds eventually, but there's another group of people, the Third Party, who just want us out of the way.

Sorry, that's a lot of information at once.